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Meet the trainer behind Multiforce Group

Multiforce Rope Access is not just a rope access training and operations company. We are a testament to human ingenuity, teamwork, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Our organization has earned its stripes in the world of rope access, setting unparalleled standards and redefining what is possible in this challenging field. With innovation at our core, we stand out as a beacon of inspiration for those in search of excellence in rope access operations and training.

Cuthbert Mutokoyi

Rope Access Specialist


L3 Rope Access Supervisor/ IRATA Instructor/ Boilermaker/ Special class Welder/ Sheetmetal worker/ Advanced Rigger/ Intermediate Scaffolder


IRATA Instructor



Our mission is to produce top-notch rope access technicians ready to conquer the industry.

Multiforce Rope Access Training stands as an exemplary centre of excellence, offering invaluable expertise in the realm of rope access and rescue techniques. Our training is highly regarded for several reasons.

Firstly: It boasts a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of skills and scenarios, ensuring trainees are well-prepared for real-world challenges.

Secondly: Our team of instructors are seasoned experts, imparting practical skills, knowledge and safety protocols that are essential in high-risk environments.

In sum, Multiforce Rope Access Training is the gold standard, we equip professionals with the competence and confidence needed to excel in demanding work settings and industries.



Our team is well-informed, equiped, and committed to provide the best rope access training.


Safety is at the core of our values.


We are a team of professionals who train people to become professional and thorough in every project they undertake.

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